elisto insulation technology

For over 30 years elisto GmbH has been developing and manufacturing technical insulation products for companies

all around the world.

Within the fields of thermal insulation, electrical insulation, composite lightweight construction materials, fire protection and insulation technology, elisto provides the most high-performance materials, combining them according to physical or chemical requirements so that tailor-made solutions can be created that maintain and even increase your company’s added value.

High-performance materials from elisto offer ideal properties for applications such as machine insulation, thermal insulation systems and technical lightweight construction and have certainly proven themselves for long-term use.


Business areas and industrial sectors

elisto GmbH offers sophisticated solutions for applications in the following areas:

Electrical insulation



  • Transformers

  • High-current systems

  • Railway technology

  • Automobiles / electric cars

  • Generators / motors

Thermal insulation



  • Industrial furnaces

  • Metallurgy

  • Heating presses

  • Mould and cast construction

  • Thermal insulation

Lightweight construction composites


  • Motor vehicle manufacturing

  • Machine construction

  • Carbon lightweight construction

  • Windows / doors

  • Automotive / aerospace

    Fire protection



  • Refineries

  • Shipbuilding

  • High-rise building construction / fire escapes

  • Oil and gas production

  • Ventilation systems

We develop solutions

Do you have a task or a technical requirement with which we can help you?

Talk to us! In our first meeting we can already answer many questions that can help you with your decisions.


And if you wish, we can also work with you to develop the best possible solution for you.


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elisto GmbH


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elisto GmbH

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